Shipping and International Trade Quality Control, Locating Goods and Suppliers Comprehensive International Logistics and Commercial Solutions Recycling: Plastic, Aluminum, Glass, and Cardboard – Handling 50,000 Tons Annually


Expertise in Shipping and International Trade

Commitment to High-Quality Recycled Goods, Free from Chemicals and Prohibited Substances.

Specialization in Exporting Waste Materials, including Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, and Aluminum.

Comprehensive Customs Brokerage Services: Includes Customs Clearance, Compliance with Standards, Collaborations with the Ministry of Health, and More.

About Us

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Efficient shipping for a diverse range of goods, including SCRAP shipments.
  • Global trade operations, Including international supplier sourcing.
  • Full-service customs brokerage: customs clearance, standard compliance, collaboration with the Ministry of Health, etc. (License no. 20701).
  • Expert consultation on import/export legalities.

Our dedicated professional team is eager to assist you!

At Logistrade, we pride ourselves on exporting and shipping approximately 50,000 tons of recyclable waste annually.
This waste predominantly includes materials such as cardboard, plastic (primarily from beverage bottles), glass, and aluminum.

LOGISTRADE is an authorized exporter!

The company is committed to providing high-quality recycled goods, ensuring they are free from chemicals and prohibited substances. Our team of professionals is eager to assist you and ensure the best service possible.

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