Customs Brokerage

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LOGISTRADE offers expert brokerage services that streamline interactions with customs authorities, focusing on the client’s advantage by ensuring only necessary payments are made.

Our strategic office locations in Haifa and Ashdod enhance our ability to swiftly manage shipping cases and address issues.

LOGISTRADE excels in facilitating connections between suppliers and importers, providing all necessary documentation to authorities for the swift and efficient release of goods.

The company has staff at both ports to oversee and manage customs operations.

Our brokerage services include:

  • Classification and tax advice for clients, including the legality of imports.
  • Obtaining approvals from various government ministries such as transportation, health, standards institute for items like electrical products, toys, etc.
  • Securing approvals from the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

LOGISTRADE is committed to delivering professional, high-quality services, understanding the urgency of shipments reaching customers promptly. This commitment entails quick responses, reliability, and continual monitoring of the shipment until its release.

Moreover, LOGISTRADE possesses extensive experience in facilitating the process of obtaining standard approvals from the Standards Institute, providing close support throughout the process until approval is granted.

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